The highly successful talent show ‘The Voice’, created by Talpa, started in the Netherlands and has expanded to over 50 countries worldwide. The ‘HomeCoach’ app is an official second screen experience for The Voice and is developed on and internationally serviced by Ex Machina’s PlayToTV platform.

The Story

It’s the purest vocal talent competition ever. Four coaches – the country’s top recording artists – seek out the nation’s best vocal talent. In this innovative primetime contest, looks or stage presence don’t play a role as all coaches are seated with the back towards the stage. This show is all about real talent; it’s all about The Voice.


After its successful introduction in 2010 Talpa took The Voice to a new level in 2011 by launching an interactive, social second screen experience called ‘HomeCoach’, developed by Ex Machina and based on its PlayToTV platform. ‘HomeCoach’ supports the entire lifecycle of the format and offers rich functionality during broadcasts as well as in between episodes.

As it launches in more and more markets, the HomeCoach app continues to be developed to support the evolution of the TV format and new functionalities are added on a regular basis. Besides the well-known blind auditions, battles and live shows, now there’s a week and live game for the knock out phase as well.

Another innovation is team functionality. At the start of the season users have 16 available spots for talents, creating their own team. As the season unfolds, players can find out if they have a better nose for discovering talents as the TV coaches – or their friends, for that matter.

HomeCoach has launched in France (TF1), Australia (Nine), Middle East (MBC), Netherlands (RTL), Canada (TVA), Portugal (RTP), Finland (Nelonen), Belgium (VTM), Romania (Pro TV), Russia (Channel One), Russia The Voice Kids (Channel One), Brazil (Globo), Greece (ANT1). More countries are added all the time!

Facts & Figures

  • A highly engaging, record breaking companion to one of the most successful TV shows to date, creating engagement beyond the actual broadcast
  • Small markets can expect 100.000+ downloads, bigger markets 1.000.000+ downloads
  • Tens of millions sessions played
  • In app free as well as premium voting (offered select some markets)
  • Available as iOS, Android and Windows Phone native apps for smartphones and tablets, and now also as an HTML5 web app suitable for laptop, tablet and mobile
  • Instant second screen statistics are used for live ‘Red Room’ coverage as well to generate TV graphics
  • Covers all stages of The Voice: be the 5th coach and run your own blind audition, listen to two talents performing the same song and predict who will win the upcoming battle, save talents during the live shows and help pick the series winner!
  • Pre-show functionality includes sneak previews to performances not yet seen on TV
  • Optional team functionality – test you coaching skills: manage your own team of talent and see how well you fare
  • Facebook and Twitter authentication, social graph integration and showing relevant Twitter feeds
  • National and friends-based leaderboards
  • In app sponsoring and advertising opportunities
  • Real-time feedback; detailed statistics and reports
  • HomeCoach-optimized CMS making it easy to control all content for the app: talents, coaches, songs as well as to get statistics and manage app users

the voice homecoach app in 13 markets




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