PlayToTV supports hundreds of thousands of people to simultaneously and synchronously interact around live, linear and on demand content. PlayToTV supports any TV type and via its HTML5-based client core is compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers and connected TVs.

PlayToTV includes all relevant features for second screen use, including prediction, poll, rating, vote and quiz as well as communication capabilities, product placement, interactive ads, tournaments and various synchronisation methods. A director client for content creation, management and scheduling is included as well, meaning PlayToTV is an end-to-end solution for broadcasters, production companies and brands looking for a truly meaningful second screen experience. The video below shows the various ways in which PlayToTV can be used to make simultaneous consumption of TV and online activity more meaningful and valuable.

PlayToTV allows consumers to play along with their favorite TV content while competing against friends and other people sharing the experience. It enables like-minded fans to network and assemble communities around their favorite TV programs, games and events:

  • Poll, Rate, Vote, Predict, Share, see friends choice live with real time statistics
  • Quizzes, Trivia, Games, Prizes and Leaderboards, synchronized in real time
  • Texting, sharing and commenting on friends, choices and results
  • Rewarding interaction through an integrated loyalty system
  • Check-in on favorite shows and formats
  • Push relevant and synchronized information
  • Integration with coupon and e-commerce systems

PlayToTV TV Content

PlayToTV offers a unique cross-platform experience, allowing users to compete with one another regardless of device:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Connected TV

PlayToTV includes a reference HTML5 client suitable for all these devices and support for all main interaction types. It is template based and can easily be adjusted to a specific look and feel for a project.

For more custom experiences, PlayToTV Client APIs are available that can be implemented in external websites or native apps.