A key ingredient to any second screen project is content. The right content at the right time.

PlayToTV includes Director Client, a fully web-based management system that has all the features producers & webmasters require: content preparation, scheduling, live production, real time statistics and reports. It offers full control, pre-show as well as live, of creating, editing and triggering all events in the PlayToTV platform. It can also feed data to broadcast play-out systems, allowing for on-the-fly rendering of data from second screen users.

PlayToTV Sync

Synchronization is another key element, which can make or break a second screen experience. PlayToTV includes several methods of synchronization of the platform, the client and the content, including audio sync. Audio sync is offered in two flavors: fingerprinting and watermarking. For more information, see below:
This video demonstrates several use cases in which audio sync enhances the second screen experience. Ex Machina has implemented both audio and watermark based audio synchronisation in PlayToTV and can offer both.