ExMachina Group Participating in 5th Annual SPROCKIT Program at NAB Show


We are excited to announce our participation in the 5th annual SPROCKIT program at the NAB Show, held April 22-27 2017 in Las Vegas.

Now in its fifth year, SPROCKIT will showcase industry-vetted emerging companies at NAB Show and throughout the year at SPROCKIT Sync, a series of private forums where industry executives and entrepreneurs meet to collectively discuss new technologies that will advance the industry. ExMachina Group is one of these start ups this year. Our focus is on app development and multiscreen strategies for media companies and advertisers seeking engagement solutions for TV programs and live streams.

Background on SPROCKIT

SPROCKIT is the media, entertainment and technology alliance of corporate executives and industry-vetted emerging companies showcasing and collaborating on products, services and new revenue models. SPROCKIT, in collaboration with and support from the NAB Show, shines the spotlight on the industry’s most promising market-ready start-ups from around the world.


This years edition will be taking place in Las Vegas, April 22-27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Our CEO Jeroen Ellferich and VP Americas Geert Faber will both be in attendance and available for meetings.

More info on this event and other participating start ups here.

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Interactive Live Streaming – Lessons Learned From TV

ExMachina Group is speaking at Summit.Live next week on day 3 of the conference, Friday Feb 24th. This gathering of the most influential LIVE creators in the world will take place in the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Timing and topic:

1:30PM—2:15PM: Interactive Live Streaming—Lessons Learned from TV

One of the most exciting promises of live streaming is not just engagement, but true interactivity. In other words, to make viewers an integral part of the content. In this session, Geert Faber and Jeroen Elfferich share practical experiences and best practices from the interactive TV formats around the world.

Read more about our session and other talks and happenings taking place here.

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Upcoming Events and Report on CES

Our VP Americas, Geert Faber had a great time at CES, the world’s largest expo for professionals who create, manage, and distribute content and entertainment across all platforms. He describes his key takeaways in this article on Medium, focusing on Multiplatform, Virtual Reality and Live Streaming trends.
We are attending a wide roster of TV, content and entertainment events in the coming months and look forward to connecting with you there. These events will be attended by either Geert Faber and or Jeroen Elfferich.More
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Interview Juan Manuel Egaña del Valle – Associate Consultant ComingNext.TV

Juan Manuel has joined ComingNext.TV as a consultant, focused on new business relationships in the Latin American market.

With over 15 years of TV production, format and digital content creation experience, Manuel’s experience in strategy development and multiscreen formats brings a hands-on understanding of each client’s challenges and needs. Prior to joining ComingNext.TV he served in leadership positions in several firms within TV and digital content creation, touching almost every aspect of digital TV and transformation throughout his career.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with him and talking about his unique perspective on the Latin American market.


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Ex Machina Attending CES In Las Vegas

We are attending the CES Conference in Las Vegas from January 5-8 2017. We look forward to meeting many like minded attendees there. Please reach out to a team member listed below if you would like to connect with us this year. We are available to discuss your social TV,  games and multiscreen projects.

ex machina attending ces las vegas

Held in Las Vegas every year, CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

In addition to to this event we look forward to attending other industry events this year. Our colleagues are attending NATPE in Miami this week, followed by  MIPTV in Cannes and the NAB show in Las Vegas.

NATPE | Miami | 17-19 January 2017
MIPTV | Cannes | 3-6 April 2017
NAB Show | Las Vegas | 22-27 April 2017

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MultiScreen Salon 2016 Great Success

After 2 successful events in 2014 and 2015, we hosted another special event this year, Multiscreen Salon 2016. This events hosts industry experts, leaders in creation, distribution and monetization of multiscreen content. The 2016 edition focused on sports formats, data and the effect innovation has on the industry.

Our powerful line up of speakers spoke about a variety of subjects and created an afternoon filled with topic diversity and varying and valuable insights.More

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MultiScreen Salon; Edition 2016

After two successful events with great partners and speakers from FIFA, Channel 4, Endemol Shine and Sky Italia, the Multiscreen Salon enters the third year in 2016. Ex Machina is proud to be working with Joiz, Urban Airship, Vast Media and Entertainment Masterclass for this year’s event.

At this years event, leaders in creation, distribution and monetization of multiscreen content will share the latest opportunities of interactive media for broadcasters. Tangible cases will inspire and give guidelines on how to successfully leverage online video, interactivity and social to unify data strategies and develop new business models.

This year’s topics include:

  1. How is sport media changing and what is the importance of the rapidly growing eSports?
  2. How is data continuously changing the game in the broadcasting and media industry?
  3. What are the brand new insights of multiscreen UX and UI design?
  4. The future of the multiscreen world: How will innovation change the business?

Our distinguished speakers will speak on a variety of subjects from the importance of rapidly growing eSports to brand new insights in the multiscreen world: 

You will take a way a keen sense of what is happening in multiscreen and the media industry.  Last year’s edition connected attendees with top notch industry experts and innovative startups to create a valuable event followed by a memorable evening in Amsterdam.

multiscreen salon 2016

The program – Saturday September 10th:

  • 13.00 Start of the Multiscreen Salon 2016 in ‘De Rode Hoed’ in the center of Amsterdam

  • 17.30 Drinks and canapes during a boat tour in the canals

  • 19:00 Arrival by boat at restaurant ‘De Goudfazant’ for a great dinner and inspiring conversations

Multiscreen Salon 2016 is by invitation only and spots are filling up rapidly. If you would like to request an invitation, please contact event@multiscreensalon.tv with your details.




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Interview Natalie Boot; Director Digital TERN

ComingNext.TV, part of the ExMachina Group supported INsight during the launch of the TV channel in 2015, working on-site with the INsight team to build the digital and social media department and launch insight.tv on the web and mobile. Natalie Boot is Director Digital for INsight and we had the chance to sit down with her and talk about interactive TV and a different way of broadcasting.

Natalie Boot INsight

Where did you start your career in interactive TV?

With 2waytraffic, a company started by former Endemol executives, we focused on development, distribution and exploitation of light entertainment content across television, mobile and digital platforms. I  worked within the mobile division on text message subscription services that offered additional information upon request during and after watching TV shows. In June 2008, the company was acquired by the Hollywood studio, Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) where I worked in the interactive department that focused on all aspects of interactive media around the Sony Pictures Television formats.

Currently, I manage the commercial and digital department and am moving towards managing the digital department exclusively as both departments are growing very rapidly. My skill-set is perfect for the digital aspirations of INsight and mother company TV Entertainment Reality Network International and it makes sense to focus all my energy on digital.

INsight launched last year. What makes INsight different from other broadcasters and how do you differentiate?

INsight is the first interactive, fully linear and OTT channel that shoots and broadcasts content in Ultra HD. We create an impressive 200 hours of original content per year. This is totally different from other broadcasters and makes us unique. Where other broadcasters focus on one genre we try to combine everything that would appeal to our male skewed audience, without excluding female viewers.

As the audience is watching shows we offer drop down menus. For instance, if someone crashes on INSIDE MOTO, we will offer extra information such as how many bones were broken and how many surgeries did it take to fix the injuries. In short, we give them just a little more information than solely what is happening in the show.

We are currently working on creating a link to certain products that are available or used in the show. “Where can I find it’? Our commercial partners and advertisers are very interested in these options. Advertisers have more ways to engage with viewers and viewers themselves can have the power to play their own part in the programs they watch very soon. Simultaneously , we are working on technology to get our audiences involved and give them the ability to influence the development of a show.

How important is digital for TV broadcasters?

It is the future, everyone and especially the younger population are mainly online and consume content when they want it, and in their own time.

What is the digital strategy of INsight?

INsight wants to bring the viewer closer to our content and we want to the viewer to be able to watch both linear TV as well as on demand on any platform. Our digital strategy is complementary to the way users watch linear television and how our audience interacts with our formats.

A couple of very interesting new formats are in the works right now, focused on how we connect with our audience and I encourage your readers to keep an eye on our channel http://www.insight.tv/.

How do you make sure you stay relevant for younger viewers?

Besides general research we use a test panel consisting of our target audience. Our social media team is very young and we purposefully hire young people who help us keep things relevant.

INsight is a global channel? What are the differences between countries?

Originally we launched as a global channel without differentiations per country. We are now moving into territories such as the UK, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Russia, Pakistan and India. We will start with dubbing and and move towards creating country specific content soon.

For example; Spartan X is a global format. When we have local channels, a local version of Spartan X can be created and the winners of each version can compete in the global version.

How important is social media and how is INsight using it?

Extremely important, it is the only way for us to connect and interact with the viewers.  Through social media we can trigger our audience and connect with them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We do this by asking questions, and getting them really involved.  We are creating dedicated content for our social audience and talk with them on a daily basis. We do this for every big show, with dedicated social media teams. We will have a team per territory and build on how we grow.

What makes the INsight platform unique?

Our on demand channel delivers 24/7 live and on-demand content and in 3 months’ time we will offer live streaming through our channel, in Ultra HD, depending on the viewers’ bandwidth of course. All our Ultra HD content is FREE. Content is still available if you have low bandwidth, but the goal is to offer Ultra HD when possible. Our technical partners play a major role in this and we could not have done this without them.

What do you consider to be the main trends for the coming years?

Streaming Ultra HDR is going to be an interesting challenge from a technical point of view and but we are ahead of the curve and are ready and able to adapt. This complimented with the overall interaction with the people at home in factual and entertainment formats.

Trends in formats are tricky to predict as many formats already exist. We do have some high potential formats in our pipeline, like a crime show that relies on viewer participation. Dracula incorporates the escape room trend and we look forward to enhancing our formats with augmented reality.

You can create the most amazing shows but if the audience doesn’t like it, you are gone. Formats sell because the audiences make them work. That’s why its so important to stay connected to them. We are in touch with our audience 24/7.

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WinView brings together the worlds of live TV sports, Mobile Apps, Gaming and Interactive Advertising

Ex Machina is the development partner of WinView games. The WinView Games app brings together the worlds of live TV sports, mobile apps, gaming, and interactive advertising so that casual sports fans and dedicated second-screen fantasy players can enjoy sports on TV in a new way by having more fun and interacting with their favorite teams, and with each other.


WinView allows users to play along in real time with live televised sports in order to compete and win prizes based on an advertising supported business model. All of the games WinView covers are produced in a live studio environment by game producers based on what is happening in real time on the playing field. TV viewers can demonstrate their knowledge of sports and enjoy the experience of forming teams and leagues to compete, enabling friends to play each other, and even parents to play against their kids.

Because the WinView app taps into what has become commonplace TV viewing behavior of engaging with a mobile device while watching the big screen, viewers are more likely to remain engaged in the TV broadcast throughout the entire live game.

WVG-App-Store-Screen-Shot-5 WVG-App-Store-Screen-Shot-4 WVG-App-Store-Screen-Shot-3 WVG-App-Store-Screen-Shot-2 WVG-App-Store-Screen-Shot-1


WinView Games recently closed a $3.4 million Series A round of equity financing led by cable television and next-gen TV pioneer Tom Rogers, and media, entertainment and sports veteran Hank Ratner. Tom Rogers is currently Chairman of the Board of TiVo, Inc. having served as its CEO for almost 11 years. Hank Ratner is Vice Chairman of Cablevision Systems Corp. and former CEO of The Madison Square Garden Company. As part of the investment, the Company appointed Mr. Rogers and Mr. Ratner as Co-Chairmen of the WinView Board of Directors. Together, their combined backgrounds in next-gen TV and sports media provide the right expertise to actively weave WinView into the broader sports and media ecosystem. The investment brings WinView’s total funding to date to $6.5 million.


The Company stated that in-play gaming on mobile while watching live TV sports is already a multi-billion-dollar industry in Europe. WinView’s mobile game sports app is built by European firm Ex Machina Group and is based on their fully developed PlayToTV platform, which has been used by multiple hit reality and entertainment TV programs around the world with millions of simultaneous users.


During the 2015 – 2016 football season, WinView successfully beta tested its app, which validated the Company’s business strategy, market potential and patented technology reliability. WinView’s U.S. target audience for its advertiser-supported app includes 57 million sports fantasy league players and 200 million TV sports viewing fan base. In addition, WinView has a portfolio of 26 foundational patents that cover the synchronization of the second-screen with TV broadcasts and commercials, as well as patents that cover the optimum methods to monetize sports-based games of skill.

WinView founder and CEO Dave Lockton said, “Completion of this financing led by industry notables Tom Rogers and Hank Ratner will help drive the development and growth of WinView Games. As Co-Chairs, our board leadership now includes a cable, media and interactive TV pioneer in Tom paired with a leader in sports, entertainment, live events and media in Hank. Tom’s background includes creating substantial franchises that deal with data and information on the screen, having been the founder of CNBC and at TiVo, where he won Emmy awards for delivering deeply engaging interactive experiences. Hank has a unique history in sports, entertainment, live events and media, including having been CEO of Madison Square Garden, as well as having served as a board member of NBA and NHL leagues. Tom and Hank have also worked together in the past, creating the first national network of regional sports channels. We are delighted they are taking an active role at WinView, and we look forward to working with them to help bring this huge new innovation to sports TV this fall.”

The Company also announced that the WinView board will be expanded to include investors Steve Goodroe, former Vice President Global Customer Marketing of Procter & Gamble and CEO of Dunnhumby USA, and Bryan Jacoboski, Managing Partner of Abingdon Capital Management. In addition, John Costello, President Global Marketing and Innovation of Dunkin Brands, Inc. and Global Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association, is joining the Advisory Board.

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