One of Holland’s largest media and communications, service providers used our PlayToTV platform for their loyalty program. Over 3 million household-subscriptions could simultaneously interact with Ziggo’s bi-monthly Weekend TV Special using their mobile device.

The Story

This year Ziggo launched a loyalty program for their cable customers, named Weekend Special. Every Weekend Special has its own theme. Dutch music concerts were the first theme. The campagne page explained more about the Weekend Special, second screen features and invited people to share this experience with friends using social media.

Home concert

When the live concert started, the campagne page turned into an interactive second screen app. While enjoying the music, participants could rate every song and answer quiz questions about the performing artist. Data reports were available after each song and after each concert, allowing Ziggo to announce the best rated song, the most favorite artist and the 10 most knowledgable music lovers at the end of the second screen session.

Social Viewer experience
The music quiz added a competitive element to the viewing experience, turning it into a social TV experience. Users could see what other friends were answering and share their experience with others.

Chatting with famous artist by Twitter
During the three concerts fans could chat with the performing artist by using Twitter Feed. The Twitter feed was well integrated, easy to use and invited users to react. The integrated Twitter feed was a big success and completed the overall second screen experience.


During the weekend of the Eurovision Song Festival, Ziggo offered a karaoke night on Channel Eleven. This second screen experience was used as a build up to the Songfestival’s Final and as a marketing tool to introduce Ziggo’s new karaoke feature .

Viewers could play along as a group with just one device. A digital turning wheel was used to select a singer from the group who would sing along with the music video aired on TV. After each song, the group could rate their friend’s performance. The retro design of the app – an old school tape recorder – gave it a playful character.

Facts & Figures

  • Interaction types: Multiple choice and ratings
  • HTML5-based client suitable for laptop, tablet and mobile
  • Facebook login integration
  • Fully automated integraded with Ziggo’s playout system.
  • Twitter feed personalized with hash tag and a chat functionality
  • Second screen during scheduled programming
  • Fully automated schedule
  • During Sing-along Festival: one device used for multiple players
  • New interaction type for Sing-along Festival: Roulette

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