PlayToTV powers realtime interactivity for zeebox

The Story

zeebox licensed Ex Machina’s PlayToTV technology as the core technology for large scale, real-time interactivity. Fully integrated in its app and tools, it allows broadcasters and producers to easily create interactive play-along and social TV experiences around programs.

A range of new, interactive widgets – including polls, play- along games, prediction games and voting – are integrated in zeebox and made available to millions of consumers in the US, UK and Australia.

The PlayToTV widgets are fully configurable by zeebox’s broadcast and content partners using it’s Mission Control web dashboard. This enables broadcasters to create new interactive experiences on the fly across all TV channels, without needing to develop or promote stand-alone apps. The widgets will be plugged into the zeebox’ social graph, instantly enabling zeebox users to play along with their friends, which is simply more fun.

Customers and partners

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