The game show ‘What Do I Know?!’ is shattering online participation records in multiple countries.

The Story

In this dynamic and fast-paced quiz show, three national celebrities battle each other in a wide range of general knowledge questions to win a cash prize for a deserving individual. Especially unique is that viewers at home can play right along, answering general knowledge questions from the show with a special app. They’ll be able to test their knowledge level compared to the celebrities, a team of students in the studio and, of course, their fellow countrymen!

What do I know

After being a ratings hit in The Netherlands under the name ‘Weet Ik Veel‘ this Talpa format has now returned for a second season on RTL and has so far been sold to 5 international broadcasters:

The highly interactive second screen component is an integral part of the format and very successful, with over 15% conversion of viewers to players. Over 200.000 players join every week in The Netherlands and in France this is even more with over 400.000 players per episode, a record breaking online participation for a TV show.

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Sync plays an important role in these projects too. What Do I Know is one of the first programs where synchronisation is based on audio watermarking technology. It can be integrated with both absolute watermarking (for broadcasters that already have watermarking in place) or relative watermarking (where the watermark is added in post-production). The result is a perfectly timed experience regardless of TV provider. Every user plays and stays in sync, which is very important in such a fast paced program.

What Do I Know is among a new breed of TV entertainment. Second screen and social are not added as an afterthought, but included in the basis of the format. The numbers show that today’s TV audience are not only intrigued to try, but enjoy coming back for more and more interactivity.

Facts & Figures

    • Record breaking users per episode: up to 500.000 in France, 250.000 in ‘The Netherlands
    • Participation of viewers to players as high as 20%
    • Available in the 6Play app & site in France, as a native app in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Slovakia
    • The Netherlands alone had over 2 million downloads to date
    • On-air feedback with TV graphics and live intervention, showing scores and discussing online players results
    • Scores are available on an individual level, as well as filtered by gender, region and age group.
    • Participation rate (amount of active players that answer a question) well over 90%, sometimes up to 98%
    • Includes a practice game to play in between episodes and 50 or 60 questions to answer during the show
    • Multiple choice, put-in-the-right-order and match pairs question types
    • Social integration: Compare your score with the nation and share on social media
    • Push notifications and leaderboard

“The program ‘What Do I Know’ has the play along app as a foundation. Without the app there is no program. After the first season, Talpa has invested in the latest technologies. This is now proving that viewers can participate directly and live. The new app is downloaded by hundreds of thousands and has proven to be a well performing, stable experience.” — Mandy van der Wal, Manager Talpa Connect

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