Are you a music expert? With the ClipQuiz you can compare your music knowledge to that of your friends and many other players, daily!

The Story

VIVA is the music video channel of Viacom in Germany. After the success of ClipQuiz in Belgium, MTV asked Ex Machina to create a completely new edition for the much larger German market.


ClipQuiz is playable on mobile, tablet & laptop for one hour eight times a week. It’s a high-paced, highly interactive social trivia quiz, with questions synchronized to the music video’s currently playing. Fully automated integration with MTV’s playout system means the questions and results of ClipQuiz are frequently shown, further driving the conversion of viewers to players.

ClipQuiz is the first project based on Ex Machina’s new Standard Client, offering powerful features in an elegant, user-friendly interface.

Facts & Figures

  • Fully integrated with MTV playout system, showing real time results on TV
  • 8 episodes per week

Customers and partners

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