Second screen offers a wide variety of business oppportunities. It can combine the production value, concurrent reach, call to action and familiar appearance of TV shows with the personalization, interaction, social context and transactional capabilities of the online domain. Existing shows will become more profitable, new types of revenue are added without cannibalizing ratings, product placement is possible without regulatory issues and, ultimately, businesses will structurally include multi-screen commercial models in their media strategy. See below for more details.


  • Targeted online advertising
  • Promotion for events
  • Banners and other second screen ads
  • Sponsor messages
  • Promoted polls, questions, predictions etcetera
  • Synchronize second screen messages to on TV commercial messages
  • Turn a 30 second spot into a mini game, competing for points

Commerce and Retail

  • Instantly buy items ‘As Seen on TV’
  • Receive personalized offers, depending on profile and preference
  • Add items to review and compare after the show
  • Recieve a discount as more people or friends buy along
  • Integrate with coupon business models and daily deal providers

Lead Generation & Loyalty

  • Building rich user profiles
  • Opt-in for marketing campaigns
  • Data mining, trend analysis and prediction
  • Extend loyalty programs to digital domain and link to specific contents
  • Spend loyalty points or credits to enjoy benefits on the second screen

Premium & Freemium

  • Participate for free, power options available for purchase
  • Premium votes, polls, prediction to influence the outcome of a show
  • Pay to participate in competitions and win prizes
  • Second screen interactivity as a driver to 24/7 game sites and premium destinations