Television has an unbeatable scale and reach. TV is cultural glue. People love talking about TV, off- and online, almost as much as they love watching it.

Although TV remains the most powerful medium, viewing patterns are changing. Tablet and smartphone penetration are rising and people are increasingly media multi-tasking. Many of us now share a virtual sofa with the world. Having a second screen on hand allows us to give immediate reaction to TV via social media, go deeper into the storyline and participate real-time with a show on TV.

Opportunities abound, it is important to get it right the first time. Having powered hundreds of millions second screen and game sessions, our team understands the business challenges and know how second screen and social TV can make a difference.


ComingNext.TV is part of the Ex Machina Group and provides highly specialized consultancy services across the globe for broadcasters, production companies, advertisers and operators, to create value in orchestrating content across screens. ComingNext.TV combines deep market knowledge, a unique co-creation approach and proprietary modelling to make sure you stay ahead of your competition.

Visit the website of ComingNext.TV for more information and an overview of the multiscreen workshops in second screen, social TV and Transmedia strategy.

Second Screen Opportunities

Anyone involved in the first screen, should look into the opportunities that the second screen offers

The first screen working in tandem with second screen activity has proven to amplify reach, program engagement and creative messaging. While the fight for engagement will be fiercer, ROI will improve thanks to more targeted, personalized and therefore meaningful branded experience.

Get it right the first time

It’s tempting to rush out and build a check-in app, a social EPG or a Twitter aggregator and see what happens. Nevertheless, practice shows that a well thought through second screen concept has a better chance of success.

Based on our extensive experience in technology, media and creative industry and lessons learned from powering hundreds of millions of second screen and game sessions, we know what works and what doesn’t. And we will not hesitate to tell you in order to create a great second screen concept.

From our point of view, the key objective for a second screen project is not to be built, or to get good usage numbers. The key objective is to contribute to the bottom line and the strategic objectives of the stakeholders: Engagement and Monetization.

We’ve bundled our lessons as the 5 M’s of second screen:


TV has always been great about creating anticipation, building tension, about wanting to witness a story as it happens. Momentum can now be extended to online, and unlike conventional online wisdom that everything shall be on demand, plenty of successs stories point point in the other reaction. Another crucial element of the moment is synchronization: the second screen should be aligned


If you plan for a second screen project, think about how it can best add value to the viewer. People expect certain functionality, which is usually tied to the domain. In some cases offering statistics and background stories in sync with a programme is enough, but in most people expect more. Interaction, competition, having an impact on what you see on TV often are more meaningful and, therefore, successful. But be careful on timing and dosage.

PlayToTV Crowd


Man is a social animal. If large groups of people get together, we’re drawn to it. The excitement you feel being in a stadium full of people is different from a pub which is different from a living room. Social networks combined with scheduled events and interactivity combine something personal and interactive with being part of a communal experience. Making an event out of TV is a powerful idea.


Plenty of media companies launch an iPhone app and call it a mobile strategy. We’ve done projects with 75% percent using a smartphone. We’ve done projects where 80% used a laptop. In other words, if you create and distribute your first screen content to reach as many people as possible, your second screen should do too.


The key objective for a second screen project is not to be build, or to get good usage numbers. The key objective is to contribute to the bottom line and the strategic objectives of the stakeholders. It is important to keep these in mind when creating the second screen concept, and to realize that the business model is never done. The great thing about today is that because the second screen runs on the internet, we the metrics, we have the tools to increase effectiveness of advertising, integrate with retail, to drive conversion. Monetizing the second screen is a huge business opportunity and those who prepare for it the best will reap great benefits.

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Business Models

Second screen offers a wide variety of business oppportunities. It can combine the production value, concurrent reach, call to action and familiar appearance of TV shows with the personalization, interaction, social context and transactional capabilities of the online domain. Existing shows will become more profitable, new types of revenue are added without cannibalizing ratings, product placement is possible without regulatory issues and, ultimately, businesses will structurally include multi-screen commercial models in their media strategy. See below for more details.


  • Targeted online advertising
  • Promotion for events
  • Banners and other second screen ads
  • Sponsor messages
  • Promoted polls, questions, predictions etcetera
  • Synchronize second screen messages to on TV commercial messages
  • Turn a 30 second spot into a mini game, competing for points

Commerce and Retail

  • Instantly buy items ‘As Seen on TV’
  • Receive personalized offers, depending on profile and preference
  • Add items to review and compare after the show
  • Recieve a discount as more people or friends buy along
  • Integrate with coupon business models and daily deal providers

Lead Generation & Loyalty

  • Building rich user profiles
  • Opt-in for marketing campaigns
  • Data mining, trend analysis and prediction
  • Extend loyalty programs to digital domain and link to specific contents
  • Spend loyalty points or credits to enjoy benefits on the second screen

Premium & Freemium

  • Participate for free, power options available for purchase
  • Premium votes, polls, prediction to influence the outcome of a show
  • Pay to participate in competitions and win prizes
  • Second screen interactivity as a driver to 24/7 game sites and premium destinations
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