PlayNow! is Ex Machina’s new Do-It-Yourself platform for high quality multiscreen experiences, suitable for any type of TV show. It allows TV companies to create and manage everything in house, making second screen more affordable and easier to use than ever before.

How It Works


PlayNow! is a web-based platform with tools to design, build, test, operate and monetize online interactivity that can be easily integrated with TV and live events.


When you’re done setting up the apps and adding your design flavors, all you need to do is to push a button and all assets are created. The intuitive timeline interface and director dashboard will do the rest by letting you take full control over all interactivity.



Interactions & technologies

PlayNow! includes a continuously expanding set of ready-to-use components that can be used to push content and manage all sorts of structured, timeline based interactivity. With these building blocks an optimal second screen experience can be created for any show.


From viewers to users, from data to content

PlayNow!’s dashboard stores, reports and visualizes show-specific and overarching channel data. Relevant statistics are available both in real time as well as aggregated over time. With an ‘always-on, always available’ second screen platform, TV companies can increase their commercial effectiveness across shows, while offering users a familiar environment as they explore new content and ways to interact.


Case Study

NPO’s central strategy for second screen

The Dutch public broadcaster (NPO), broadcasting via 3 channels, is using the technology behind PlayNow! for 15 different shows – and growing. PlayNow’s rich feature-set and designs flexibility have attracted, engaged and retained online users across demographics and for a wide variety of TV show genres.

Editors and showrunners manage content and interactivity by themselves, using the same, familiar tools across programs.
To date, NPO has successfully serviced millions of second screen users.

Live-contest For several years in a row, it is now possible for Dutch viewers to vote live and online for your favorite contestant. The NPO Eurovision Song Contest second screen is available during both semi-finals and finals. Additional functionality includes background info on candidates and a quiz to show what you know about participating countries. The PlayNow!-based voting application provided the host of the show with in-depth voting statistics on users both on a national and regional level.

Quiz NPO is the birthplace of Test The Nation, one of the best known prime time participation formats in the world. Viewers test and discover their own IQ by participating via an app.
Test items are based on the PlayNow! question feature. The IQ was calculated in PlayNow! so users can compare results to celebrities in the studio, their online friends and of course the national average.
The IQ test launched in 2012 with 70K concurrent users, growing to over 150K for the 2015 edition.

Factual-entertainment ‘Tussen Kunst & Kitsch’ is the Dutch version of BBC’s ‘Antiques Roadshow, where owners bring their ‘antiques’ to a studio for appraisal. The appraisers then expand on what is known about the article and they estimate the actual value.
By using a PlayNow! based slider, viewers participate directly with the program by zooming in on item details and estimating their value before its first screen reveal.
Via a social login users can share, compare and compete with their friends.

Talkshow ‘Zomergasten’ is a talkshow institution. A prominent guest is interviewed live for 3 hours and shows their favorite moments in (television) history.
Using a PlayNow! based web app users see related content in sync with the topics discussed. Information on offer includes biographies, TV moments, Wikipedia entries, relevant links and bonus audio and video content.

News The PlayNow! quiz functionality is used to create a daily news quiz to engage the 11 pm news bulletin viewers with current affairs.
With on air call to action by the anchors and the buzz created on social networks this is a big success, especially with a younger demographic – one of the key objectives for the broadcaster.

Investigative-journalism ‘Rekenkamer’ is an investigative journalism program which tries to find out the real costs of things, e.g. the monarchy. By using a PlayNow! based slider, viewers participate in the program by estimating these costs.
Comparing the second screen results with the discovered costs and sharing on social media created a truly interactive experience that caused quite a stir.

Entertainment Ranking the Stars is a shiny floor entertainment show where 10 celebrities score by showing how well they know themselves and each other by predicting on how they rank on various subjects. A PlayNow! based app allowed users to make their own ranked lists and compare the results with those of their Facebook and Twitter friends and the celebrities in the studio.