Never before have so many people played online Bingo at home during a TV program using a second screen.

The Story

Miljoenenjacht Bingo is a game that is part of the TV show Postcode Lottery Miljoenenjacht (Deal or No Deal format internationally) – a Sunday Night primetime game show with an average of 2 million viewers weekly.

Miljoenenjacht Bingo

Participants of the Lottery play Bingo live at home with their tablet, smartphone, computer, or a printed bingo card. While watching the TV show, participants with the same zip codes play along with an identical Bingo card. The Bingo game start when the winning player in the last round of the show chooses the cases to be opened. There are 26 cases to be opened. Each time a case is opened in the studio, its number can be crossed off on the bingo card at home. The people that first mark all the 12 numbers on their card win 50,000 euros for each full bingo card. When there is a Bingo, the winning zip codes are immediately shown on TV and the bingo session ends.

During the most recent season (6 episodes) alone, over 4 million euros were handed out to Miljoenenjacht Bingo players at home. Bingo!

Facts & Figures

  • Unprecedented live, simultaneous bingo play along session using second screen
  • With integrated call to action on the first screen
  • Significantly strengthening the target group viewer and Lottery player relationship
  • Increasing tune-in
  • Generating a record number of new leads for the Lottery
  • 2 series: 2013 and 2014
  • Over 2.000.000 unique bingo sessions
  • Record number of 191.000 players during final episode (February 2014)

“Ex Machina’s expertise allowed us to launch our idea for a second screen online Bingo game. You never know how the audience reacts when you try something new like this. Fortunately players are responding overwhelmingly positive. With the Bingo TV element and accompanying second screen site we now have a great new tool for player retention.” — Daan Peters, Head of Marketing & Internet, Nationale Postcode Loterij