Meet Ex Machina at TV of Tomorrow 2016 in San Francisco

TV of Tomorrow in San Francisco is the global gathering for executives, technologists and creatives working in the Interactive and Multiplatform Television industry/community. Ex Machina is part of the conference and Jeroen Elfferich will take the stage for “The 5 Minute Defense” in which a domain expert defends a contentious statement.

We also look forward to the other sessions during the event. Below we listed our favourite sessions and why Ex Machina thinks they are relevant.

Session: THE BRIDGE: The Reinvention of Linear Online

Most of the second screen apps that Ex Machina develops are for live and linear TV. Based on the data, we see that the viewer engagement and loyalty are higher when viewers can influence or participate; the number of app players remains stable while viewer ratings variate.

Interaction can also offer premium value for advertisers and sponsors that can now have a 1 to 1 relationship with the viewer. A value that goes beyond show branding and spot advertising. The opportunity therefore lies in combining live platforms with structured and integrated interactivity. This can be online for small niche channels, or on a large scale with live (e)sports events or big talent shows.

Be sure to reach out to us as we have some interesting cases and figures we can bring to this discussion.

Session: TV and Video Innovation in the 2016 Presidential Election

A highly relevant topic and a great addition to the TVOT line-up. Ex Machina has built and supported the app during the last national elections in the Netherlands. The app was deeply integrated into the debate as the audience could continuously share their position in the debate. The politician that could have the final say in the debate was decided by the audience. Even more important, based on the votes from the app users, we created a more accurate prediction of election outcome than the official polls!

Session: The Future of Linear Channels and Apps in an OTT World

A topic that is underestimated by a lot of people in the industry. The relevance of linear is not only the curated experience for viewers but also the immediacy of watching together. We see this on Twitch where big groups of viewers are watching and chatting about live streamed games, curated by the website. Even Snapchat is providing a linear (but skippable) experience within a 24 hour timeframe.

Adding viewer interaction to a linear experience increases the engagement and social aspect and adds value to linear. This requires combining the ease of asking questions in Periscope, the fan experience from Facebook, the chat from YouTube live and Twitch, and the reach of broadcasters. We have a very clear perspective on this based on previous experience that we would love to share with the audience.

This same perspective is relevant for the session: Reinventing Programming for a New Generation.

Enough relevant topics to share experiences about so make sure to meet us at TV of Tomorrow 2016. You can contact Jeroen or Geert to schedule a meeting.

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