What if TV shows and ads could combine the familiarity and reach of Twitter with visual, structured, synchronous second screen interactivity and feedback?

The Story

Ex Machina’s PlayToTV second screen platform has been used in thousands of episodes to offer interactive second screen: huge-scale, structured, real-time, program-specific. InstantPlay builds on PlayToTV and presents itself as Twitter Cards (when approved by twitter). Twitter Cards offer a new way to add dynamic content to Twitter, without the need to multitask and leave the Twitter client for an external site or app. InstantPlay unlocks PlayToTV’s features within a tweet, creating a timeline full of instant interactive experiences. Instead of asking people to download an app or go to a URL, InstantPlay offers the same functionality on the platform many viewers already use as their daily second screen: Twitter.

Two-way communication

InstantPlay offers two-way communication, allowing viewers to really engage and interact with the program. Viewers can participate in polls, play along with game shows, rate talent, predict who will score the next goal, get more information on the current artist and compete in real time. They get results instantly in the same card. Via our proprietary server engine and CMS producers can send out a series of Twitter cards linked to key events in a show. Each card can stay active as long as makes sense. Taped and live shows are supported. InstantPlay tweets can be sent from any relevant, authorized Twitter account: network, presenter, sponsors. And of course retweets work too, so compelling interactivity can spread like only tweets can.

Use everywhere

InstantPlay doesn’t stop with Twitter. With InstantPlay’s PlayToTV roots, media companies can provide interactive experiences across all of the various apps and platforms they target. Manage from a single system and push out interactivity to Twitter, a show webapp, a channel solution and overarching apps like Zeebox all from a single backend. InstantPlay is a write-once, use-everywhere solution.

Based on proven technology and expertise

And as InstantPlay is based on proven, robust architecture used and trusted by large media companies throughout the world, there’s no need to worry about stability or scale. No matter how viral your TV show becomes, InstantPlay will handle millions of users in real time, with all Twitter Cards updated in a second. Data for graphical feedback loops on TV are available. And of course our creative and business strategy team can help design and execute experiences to maximize engagement and revenue potential.

InstantPlay will be shown at TVOT in San Francisco on June 25th and 26th. If you would like to know more or schedule a meeting with us for a sneak preview in the US or Europe please be in touch via info@exmachinagroup.tv