Do you have what it takes to Beat The Crowd? Play along with this innovative new game show to find out.

The Story

Beat The Crowd is a new game show format created by Talpa, launched in January 2014 by RTL4 in The Netherlands and sponsored by the Postcode Lottery.

Beat The Crowd

In this show one candidate faces off against a crowd of 200 people in the studio. Do 200 people know more than one person alone? Or is the candidate smart enough to beat the crowd? All 10 questions have numerical answers. The closer the answer is to the correct number, the more points. If the candidate scores better than the crowd average for that question, he wins that round.

Ex Machina created a play along experience that allows viewers to compete in sync with the TV program and instantly see how well they did compared to the studio players, and compete for prizes. In addition, the app provides feedback after every question, showing which region, age group and gender did best for that question.

Beat The Crowd is the first second screen app that uses audio watermark technology in order to accurately sync devices to a TV show in The Netherlands. This technology makes it possible for the viewer to answer the questions exactly at the right moment, especially important as each question has only 10 seconds of answer time.

Facts & Figures

  • 8 Episodes, January-March 2014
  • 500.000 games played
  • 200.000 app downloads
  • HTML5 base wrapped into iOS and Android apps
  • All questions have a numerical value as an answer, entered by the player and based on the PlayToTV ‘estimate’ interaction type
  • Push notification to remind players to join before the TV show
  • Audio watermarking based on Civolution technology
  • Shows additional information during Postcode Lottery promotional moments
  • Facebook and Twitter integration to share results

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